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Is your child ready for the Wii system?

Children with disabilities are often not ready developmentally for toys, games and other recreational activities at the same chronological age as neuro-typical children. Matching the level of difficulty of operation of the activity to the skill set of the child can be a hit and miss experience.This can be a costly error with something like the Wii system.

If you would like to try the Wii system with your child before purchasing one you may borrow a spare one that I have for a week. Just e-mail Tim Whiteford at twhiteford @smcvt.edu to arrange pick up. 

Ideas for using the Wii to  develop students' social skills

Set up a Wii club for students at your school.

Use the Wii to develop and sustain Circle of Friends groups.

Use the Mii feature of the Wii system.


Ideas for using the Wii to develop academic skills

Language:  language is presented both visually and auditorily in Wii activities

Math; math of all types is present in many of the Wii activities for example in Sports the games include the extensive use of statistics, scores and other numerical data that can be used to develop a variety of math skills.


Ideas for using the Wii for inter-school competition.

  • Develop a Unified Wii Sports program.



Wii Play Together

The Wii and Students with Disabilities

The Joy in Defeat -  A parent's perspective on how using the Wii system at home enhances one's life - Tim Whiteford PhD.

A month after he scored 288 he got 299, 11 strikes and a 9 on the last frame. On Saturday March 15 he threw the perfect game, 300. 

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     For more information contact Dr. Tim Whiteford at  twhiteford @smcvt.edu