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Prehistoric Man in the News;
still a newsworthy topic
Prehistoric Man in North America
 Who were the first inhabitants of North America?
Isle of Man in the United Kingdom A real, live archaeological dig. All the details of how to take part in one of these very exciting adventures.. 
Earth Mysteries An incredible site with masses of detailed descriptions of a variety of prehistoric sites; Earth mysteries is an off-beat form of archaeology.
Stonehenge Incredible site: an example of what is available at the Earth mysteries site above. 
History Link 101 An excellent site with links to many prehistoric sites, pictures, artifacts and so on around the world.
Ignore the "You're a Winner" flashing sign. Well worth a visit especially if you have a particular research topic.

Prehistoric Vermont So-so site - a bit of pre-history but a lot of silly Champ stuff.
Charlotte, the Vermont Whale Electronic museum documenting the famous Vermont whale.

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