European Explorers of the Americas

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Nunez de Balboa The first European, a Spaniard, to see the Pacific from the Americas. He did it in 1513.
Juan Bautista de Anza A spaniard, he was the first to establish an overland route from Mexico through the desert to the Pacific coast of California. He did it in 1774.
Ponce de Leon , a Spaniard, discovered Florida in 1513.

Gaspar de Portola, another Spaniard, discovered San Francisco Bay in 1769.
Christopher Columbus , an Italian, discovers America (he thinks) in 1492. 
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Francisco Vazquez de Coronado Led explorations of the interior of North America on the mid 1500s.
Leif Erikson The Viking who beat Columbus by 500 years.
John Cabot English (Spanish) explorer who discovered New Foundland in 1497..

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