Colonial Life

Google Images; Colonial Life

YouTube videos -  Colonial Life

Colonial Kids : A celebration of life in the 1700s An incredible Think Quest site. Tons of information, pictures and activities. 
Plimoth on the Web Lots of words but no pictures
Mayflower Trace your ancestry back to the Mayflower. Lots of other resources too.
The Ancient Mariner Fife, Drum and Chanteymen portraying the life of a sailor in colonial times
The Bidwell House Museum A 1750 colonial house.
Colonial Times through Children's Literature Carol Hurst's literature page; some really neat insights and connections.
Colonial America - Thematic Units K - 12 Someone's done a lot of work here. Good resource of you want info about something specific such as art, clothing etc.
The African American Experience during colonial times
Colonial America Time Line A superb site with with time divided into sections from 1607 - 1734. Each section includes focus topic, lessons, activities, quizzes and links. Really excellent.
Rare Map Collection Great collection of rare maps. Don't forget the 42 inch printer.
Virtual Jamestown Lots of maps, charts, images and information.
Jamestown Rediscovery History of Jamestown as well as current archaeological dig information
The Boston Tea Party A well written description
The Stamp Act 1765 Every word of the Act is here.
The Sugar Act - 1774 Every word of this one too
The Townshend Acts - 1767 Amazing what the British did.
The Tea Act - 1773 Not surprising they dumped the tea in the harbor after all these acts.

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