Weather 7.15B
  Google Images; Weather

You Tube Videos - Lighthouses in Stormy Seas - Tornadoes - Hurricane - Typhoon

WeatherBug Find out about your local weather                                                                             
Weather Webquest  for fifth grade
Accuweather "the world's weather authorty"
Pictures of Weather  Pics4Learning - copyright friendly pictures
Antarctic Weather An incredible site with current data about the weather in the Antarctic
The Weather Channel Up to the minute  information about the weather.
Real Time Weather Data Satellite generated pictures, data and animated images.
Farmer's Almanac Weather - find out about our weather.

 Weather Lore Some sayings and lore about the weather from the UK.
 Weekend Gardener Gardener's weather lore

 Proverbs and weather lore from Environmental Canada

 Forecasting and weather lore
BBC Weather many different resources
 Make Your Own Weather Station Miami Museum, of Science; How to make a weather station
 Birmingham University On-line Learning Some info about reading weather maps

 Weather Symbols  A fairly complex set of symbols

Last Updated June 2014