Earth and the Universe 7.15A

  Google Images: Space

You Tube Videos - Universe Animation - Edge of the Universe - Einstein's Relativity

NASA Photo Gallery 
Comet webquest for middle school students
The GLOBE Program: Welcome
Models of the Solar System Facts, pictures and a nice way of modeling the solar system. 
Build your own system. 
Interesting model; lots of facts and linksNASA site Space travel facts and pictures. 
Planetscapes Pictures and lots of facts. A weird science shop. 
Exploratorium Calculate your weight on other planets. Interesting stuff on weight, mass and gravity. 
Exploratorium Mercury transit
NASA site Slow site, photographs

Ten best of the Nine planets Part of the one above – except called "express"
Java Games Order of planets Game
NASA site Solar system simulator

Shuttle launch schedule Shuttle Launch Schedule and links                                                                                                                                                
Center for Science Education - UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory

California Space and Science Center

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