Energy (7.12, 7.16)

  Google Images: Energy

YouTube Videos - Energy Conservation - Alternative Energy - Solar-Powered cars

US Department of Energy Search government documents for information on energy.
Alternative Energy News for Alternative Energy - lots of information
Energy Information Administration kid's page. 
Earth Day Network Ideas on how to help save the Earth.

Save Energy at Home US Dept of Energy; Ideas for saving energy around the house
Renewable Energy Solar, wind and other forms of non-fossil fuel energy

Good volcanoes Geothermal energy

Classroom Activities related to alternative energy

Hydro-electricity A wealth of information about water power
American Museum of Science and Energy Lots of neat things to do including a live pigeon cam.

Thinkquest The Energy Planet; masses of information about energy past, present, and future

Energy Quest Ideas and activites related to energy

An 8th grade Energy Resource A great site with lots of ideas

Energy Parts Pros A guidebook to energy efficient appliances

Last updated January 19, 2011