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   The Two Andrews at ECHO 

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                                                                     Andrew R.                               Andrew W.                           


               Andrew W will be a sophomore at Mount Mansfield Union High School in the Fall. Andrew R is
               a student majoring in secondary education at Saint Michael's College. Together this summer, they will
               help visitors at the Echo Center in Burlington, Vermont learn about the lives and habitats of certain sea
               creatures at the Sea Table.

               Andrew W's Sea Table notebook by MaryBeth Doyle

               Week One - July 16

                 Hello Everyone,

                    barnowl07.jpg - Barn Owl           Here's an update of what AW has been up to at the ECHO center. Last Tuesday we ran the owl pellet  dissection   
  activity, and AW and myself taught the visitors about owl pellets and helped them dissect them and
  identify bones. After probably less than 10 minutes minutes of me simply talking to AW and modeling the

  order that the information show be given to the guests he had it down, and I'm sure he could still tell anyone
  who asked about the owl pellets.

  Then on Thursday we made it to the Champlain Sea Tank and AW did a great job describing
  the sea stars, horseshoe crabs etc.... The ECHO staff is meeting on Tuesday morning  to find some
                 more benefiting and stimulating work for AW, opposed to working with foam pieces, since from my own
                 observations he is much more involved with the guests when he has the opportunity to share all the knowledge he
                  has about the sea table. I will give another update after tomorrow to let everyone know what is happening.
                 The Two Andrews

                                                                The Sea Table at ECHO  
                                                   You'll see are many different sea animals at the Sea Table.

How does a sea star turn over?

 How does a hermit crab change its shell?
How does a sea anemone eat a fish?

            Other fun stuff the A-team gets up to.

               "Scootering" at the middle School.

 Last updated June 28 2007
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