Time (7.15A)


 Google Images; Time

You Tube Videos - Kobe Musical Clock - World's Oldest Working Clock - Big Ben

Time in Antarctica A great site with lots of information about Antarctica
Plymouth  State College Some interesting animated diagrams of the motion of the Earth. 

The Seasons An interesting site with good diagrams and explanations 

NASA site for information about the seasons

Daylight Savings Time site. Lots of information including other countries.

Government regulations for daylight savings time.

USNO frequently asked questions about time, great site.

USNO world time zone map

World Time  Find the time anywhere in the world

NASA latitude and longitude

Time zones across the US. Incredible; see the time anywhere in the US and the matching pattern of 

                   sunlight on the earth 

A Brief History of Time with Stephen Hawking

Last Updated September 13, 2009