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Teaching and Learning Resources

Science and Engineering Programs

Delta Science

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.


Vermont State Agency of Education Science and Engineering Resources

Science K - 5 - Kathy Renfrew

The Vermont Science Initiative

National Professional Science Education Organizations

Constructivism - what's it all about?

Vermont EPSCoR's Streams Project Macroinvertebrate Pages
A High School science project directed by Professor Declan McCabe

Science and Engineering Education

The famous Rubber Band Roller activity - using friction where you need it and losing friction where you don't.

Big Ben strikes 13 chimes at midnight
An experiment using the relative speeds of sound and radio waves.

Lego Engineering Education Materials


Engineering is Elementary (EIE)
Find out what it's all about at the Boston Museum of Science
An Hour of Code

Next Generation Science Standards Resources

NGSS - The Next Generation Science Standards
LCER - NGSS YouTube videos
From Inquiry Science to the NGSS
NSTA - designing NGSS units and lessons
Eric Cromwell's really positive NGSS blogNGSS adopted States - links to State NGSS websites
Science and Engineering Lessons and Activities
An NGSS Moodle - lots of lesson plans by grade level
RESA - lesson plans exploring NGSS
Concord Consortium - one way to select NGSS activities
PBSKids - great selection of engineering and sacience activities

Internet4Classrooms An great resource of Science activities

Interactive Science/Engineering Activities

 BBC Science Education - Nova - Explore Learning - The Exploratorium - NASA - Fermilabrynth-
More BBC - Kinetic City - Lawrence Hall of Science -
NOAA Games - Oregon Museum of Science -
PBS Learning Media  

Last updated September 2015

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