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You Tube Videos - 2-Liter Bottle - Milk Jug Fence - Plastic Bags

Recycling  WebQuest

Creative Displays A wonderful Collection of resources for integrating art and recycling.
CSWD Great site with lots of information about recycling and   beyond.
Kinderart Unbelieveable selection of art activities for recycled materials.
Kids2Earth Another incredible site with a mass of resources, a discussion forum and help for parents.
Recycled Art Art actitives using recycled materials.

Paper University Unbelievable number of activities to do with paper. 
Rotten Truth about garbage. A really neat site with some great activities
Recycle City Lots of activities and ideas for recycling
EPA Explorer's Club Incredible site with lots of info and resources
Kids Web Natural Resouces  A really good site with lots of accurate and well written information.

Last updated January 3, 2011