Oceans (7.15B)

Google Images; Oceans

You Tube Videos - Whales Singing - School of Fish - Great Barrier Reef - Giant Octopus

ExploraMar Summer marine biology camp for students. 
Missouri Botanical Gardens  Information on different types of plants and animals.
Sylvia Earle PhD  An accomplished marine biologist in the American  Academy of

National Geographic Sustainable seas project with audio, video and lots of great pictures of marine life.
Marine Photography Incredible underwater photos
Whales and Oceans; a Class Brain webquest
INS - The Fish Information Netwaork Service Lots of great links and resources. Its searchable too. 

Turtle Tracking using satellite telemetry - amazing!
Oceans Office if Naval Research. Great site for good readers

NOAA Marine Forecasts for our oceans Lots of interesting but technical data
Oceans Alive Environmental Defense Network. Cool graphics and sound.
Discovery.Com's The Skinny On page on Why You Hear the Ocean in a Shell!!! A neat site.

The Smithsonian - In Search of the Giant Squid A super site.
Planet Ocean A Discovery School.Com site The Virtual Ocean Ocean creatures not oiften seen

Last updated September 13 2009

Click the iceberg for copyright-free  pictures of the ocean

Click the baby Beluga for a whale webquest (3 - 6

Click the shark for a coral reef rescue
Webquest (3 -6)