Animal and Plant Defenses

Animal defenses - "flight, fight and fool"

Google Images: Animal Defenses

You Tube Videos - SeaCucumber

Fish Defenses An older Sea World site; lots of interesting information and pictures of puffer fish 
Turtle Defenses Gulf of Maine aquarium

Animal defenses A comprehensive list of types of animal defenses.
Animal adaptations - defenses Anonymous web-site with some great links and some that don't work
Beetle defenses Great site form Penn State University

Resource books

Animal defenses Kaner and Stephens - children's book
GEMS Animal defenses for pre-K level
 North American Porcupine Picture and information abou the Porcupine

Plant Defenses

 Plant defenses against caterpillars An older site with some interesting information
 Poisonous plants Cornell University; lists and characteristics of poisonous plants

 LanaKids poisonous plants to keep away from

 The Poisonous Plant Patch Great site from Nova Scotia

 Thorny Plants Penn State article about thorns and the types of plant defenses
 Desert USA Lots of information about cacti and other well protected desert plants

Last updated August 26, 2009