Geology and Plate Tectonics(7.15B)

Google Images: Volcanoes   Google Images: Plate Tectonics

You Tube Videos - Kilauea Eruption - Mt St Helens - Alaska Earthquake 1964

Earthquake WebQuest   Kilauea WebQuest       

USGS Dynamic Earth  Lots of information about plate tectonics including the history of the development of the theory.
USGS Earthquakes and Plate Techtonics More information from USGS about earthquakes; informative maps.
Earth Floor An interesting MIddle School site with lots of information.
Enchanted Learning Good graphics and easy to read information.
Discover Our Earth Lots of information about earth quakes and vocanoes plus some interactive activities. 
USGS Volcanoes of the US

Volcano World Incredible, up-to-date site
Image Gallery Information and pictures of every known mineral 
Geologists Ask a geologist at the USGS a question. 
The stone test wall NIST site to examine the weathering qualities of different stone. Really cool.
The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom Everything bar nothing about rocks and minerals.
The Mineral Identification Site An award winning site

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 Mt St. Helens webcams.

Gemstone gallery