Endangered Species (7.13)

Google Images: Endangered Species

You Tube Videos - Video List of Endangered Species - John Stossel, a Solution - Extinct Animals

Science Daily Endangered Animals News Up to date infromation.
The Endangered Animals of the World Great student oriented site. A project to take part in and lots of info. Elementary level.
EPA Student Center | US EPA Enviromental Protection Agency Student Center. Lots of resources and activity ideas (slide show doesn't work) All grade levels.
Fish and Wildlife Services Endangered species site. Lots of activities and information. Elementary Grade level.

The Red List of Threatened Species Great pictures and useful data such as threat sources and types. All grade levels

World Endangered Species Terrific site with lots of information and a great slide show. All grade levels.

Endangered Animal Channel Very classy site with movies and lots of pictures and information

ES2000 Another very nice site with a focus on future endangered species
Canadianspecies at risk. All grade levels

Last Updated September 13 2009