Catapults and Siege Machines

Google Images: Trebuchet

You Tube videos - Huge British Trebuchet - Table Top Trebuchet - Nova Trebuchet

Lords III Catapult Game Test your skills by breaking into the Castle Keep  Great selection of resources including a Siege Machine video and catapult
                          kits you can purchase. A discussion group too.

 The Algorithmic Beauty of the Trebuchet An amazing site put together by a true

 Anthony's Trebuchet page Another enthusiast with excellent information on
                                           construction  etc.
The Grey Company Trebuchet page Incredible amount of information on different types of
                                                         Trébuchet as well as information on how to construct
                                                         one. There's even a black crow.

 NOVA On-line An incredible PBS site with video, animations and lots of information about
                        the Trébuchet
 The Trebuchet at N/F Observatory Interesting historical piece about the Trébuchet being    called the Ingenium in England (from which the word engineer came).

Last Updated September 13, 2009 

Click the "Cheesechucker" Trébuchet below to see more table-top Trébuchets.

Click on the Trébuchets below to see a slide show on the NOVA on-line PBS site

Click the medieval cartoon below to see the Grey Company's Trebuchet Links page.