Chemistry (7.12A)

Google Images: Chemistry

YouTube Videos - Tom Lehrer's Element Song - World's Largest Firework Display

ChemPuter - a neat web-elements page. 
Dmitri Mendeleev Creator of the Periodic Table

Famous Chemists Web sites for a selection of famous chemists.
Autumn Chemistry
Why do leaves change color?

Chemsoc A visual interpretation of the table of elements
Visual Elements Periodic Table A unique  way of looking at the periodic table
Periodic Table A super interactive website for introducing the periodic table: from  Chemical Elements.Com. 
The Periodic Table of Comic Books A neat site showing where  each of the elements has been used in
                                                         comic  books.
Chemsoc Visual Periodic Table A neat site but rather slow. Click  on html version to avoid downloading a plug-in.    Table of Elements Test items Lots of test items at various grade levels. They seem difficult for the suggested grade level.

WebElements      Each element is clickable for more information.

Last updated September 13, 2009