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The ePortfolio

We are in the process of implementing a new ePortfolio process using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. A series of workshops will be held during the 2012/13AY to help[ students learn how to create their own Licensure Portfolios.
Here are some videos on Adobe TV on how to create a portfolio.

 The Traditional Portfolio

Portable File Box Materials

Labels for each piece of the Portfolio

Labels with Checklist for Evidence

Student discussion


Updated September 21, 2012


Creating A Licensure  Portfolio

    Portfolio discussion
Students discussing their portfolios at a portfolio meeting

Whether you are an elementary or secondary candidate for teacher licensure, a graduate or an undergraduate student, you are required by the State of Vermont Department of Education to complete a licensure portfolio.

Typically the Portfolio is completed at the end of the Student Teaching experience and is a collection of evidence in six "Entries" required by the Vermont Department of Education that demonstrate and attest a student's skills as a teacher. The portfolio is assessed and graded by a SMC Education Department faculty member and is used in conjunction with student teacher supervisor observations to recommend the student to the VTDOE for licensure,

Requirements for several parts,  Entry 1 and Entry  II can be completed in junior level courses prior to the Student Teaching Experience.

Students currently have the option of completing an ePortfolio or the more traditional paper portfolio.


For more information contact Dr. Amy Saks Pavese