Math Disabilities

Misunderstood Minds - PBS site describing characteristics of student with difficulties in math.

Jensen Learning Center - Brain based learning theory and research

Math Disabilities: What we Know and Don't Know - David Geary

Improving Mathematics and Science Achievement of American Children: Psychology's Role - D. Geary and C. Hansom

LDOnline - 26 articles focusing on helping students with math disabilities

Number Sense and Students with Math Disabilities - a research article exploring selected issues - from LDOnline.

Imagery- The sensori-cognitive connection for math  - research on visualizing number - from LDOnline

Dyscalculia.Org - Lots and lots of information and resources for dyscalculia.

David Geary - One of the leading researchers on children with math disabilities. 

Math Anxiety - One of many sites about math anxiety.

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Last updated August 26, 2012