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Mathematics and Diversity

"Diversity is a gift", and
"Mathematics is the science of pattern"

GED612 Math and Diversity in the K - 8 Classroom
(sample syllabus)
is offered through the Saint Michael's College Graduation Education Program every summer

Math and English Language Learners

Math is not the same the world over: neither is it the same in different languages.  Many students,
along with their families who come to the United States, bring different, and equally valid,  math
concepts and skills with them.  This page also includes Ethnomathematics resources. 

Math and Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs may learn math differently, but the math they can learn is no different from the math learned by all students.  

Students with Math Disabilities

Research is just beginning to highlight the fact that disabilities in math involve more than dyscalculia and
 math phobia.

Math and Poverty

Students from disadvantaged homes face significant difficulties in math as highlighted by the
Vermont Institutes
'Mathematics Results by Poverty Status report - 2001"

Math Assessment Materials - assessment materials appropriate for all students.

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