Geometry Activities

Alien Angles - Estimate angles while shooting down aliens (NEW)

Pythagora's Theorem - Shows why a + b = c

Illuminations - Pi, the circumference and diameter ratio.

Measuring Circles - A really neat way to show how Pi is derived and what it means.  

MathsNet - a remarkable web-site where you can manipulate 3-D shapes or simply watch them form before your eyes.

Solids - another remarkable Mathsnet site where you can also use solids to make buildings. 

Polyhedra Paper Models A huge collection of printable 'nets' (flattened out 3D figures) to make with thin card from cubes to rhombic dodecahedrons.. The PDF version may not work so save the image (right click the net and save). The insert the image into a word document to print. Note: When you make the figures score along the fold lines with the blade of a pair of scissors using a ruler. Accuracy is the key to success. If you want to illustrate or color the figures, do it before you put them together.

Kali - Symmetric Sketching You can only do this with an interactive computer program - quite amazing.

Measuring Angles - Another one of the incredible Ambleside activities.

Make your own Snowflakes with this neat interactive activity.

Make a Roman Mosaic using authentic colors and tiles  

BBCMaths - a great place to play with angles.

Last updated August 26, 2009