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Wii Play Together

Math Leadership

 Math, iPAD2 and Special Education

My Math Counts Too

Math for Moms and Dads

Maths and Music, Maths and Art


Math Programs used in Local Area Schools
Georgia Math
Everyday Math
Investigations in Number, Data and Space

Connected Math


National, State, and Local  Math Standards

The Common Core Math Standards - National
NCTM Standards -

South Burlington Math Curriculum  - Local (example)

Common Core Standards by Grade Level



Vermont State DOE, and National Math Organizations
VT DOE Math Teacher Support Materials
The Vermont Institutes
Middle Level Math Initiative
The Vermont Math Partnership
The Vermont Math Initiative




Other Math Resources at Saint Michael's College
Mathematics and Diversity A local area project bringing together math teachers and special educators.
Dr. George Ashline's web-site; Department of Mathematics at SMC


 Selected Math Resources

K - 5 Math Teaching Resources  Some neat activities and great quotes (new)

Rekenrek Math Materials - For teaching numeracy skills and concepts

The Kahn Academy 1800 instructional videos on many different math topics

 Wave 3  Supporting children with gaps in their mathematical understanding. From the UK.

New Zealand Numeracy Project
Activities and ideas for developing numeracy skills.

materials and activities; a unique and highly effective instructional material.

Math Recovery helping students overcome difficulties in mathematics.

Van De Walle's Black-line Masters a neat collection of reproducible materials for teaching math.

Teaching/Learning Philosophies Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Humanism, and Constructivism. Where do your beliefs about math education fit?

HELP - Using Sheltered Instruction to teach Math to English Language Learners

ED325 Rubber Band Rollers
Math is the Science of Pattern
A Mathematical WOW!

World Maths Day


Math Education

The Museum of Mathematics
Mindset and Maths - Growth Mindset Maths (New)

Karyn Vogel's  Math blog
Vi Hart's Math blog
Tim Whiteford's Mostly Math blog
Bridges Math Program Web Apps (new)

On-line Interactive Activities
arranged by Common Core Math Standard

 Music and Math

Counting and Cardinality (CC)
Numeracy - Number Patterns - Arrow cards - Powers of Ten 

Operations and Algebraic Thinking (OA)
Practice activities for Facts and Operations 

Numbers and Operatons in Base Ten (NBT)
Algebra -
Function Machines - Virtual Abacus
Number and Operations with Fractions (NF)
Fractions -
- Graphing - Probability Spinner
Measurement and Data (MD)
Money -
Time - A Dictionary of Units of Measurement - Big Ben strikes 13 times
Geometry (G)
Geometry -
Tessellation Town - Fractals New Vi Hart video
Collections of interactive activities
Math Gifs

 Fascinating facts about the number in Today's Date

    Math eNotebooks
Course assignments (GED613 and ED325)

Graduate and  Undergraduate Student Math eNotebooks
- Spring 201

Fractals in Our World - Laura and Kate
The Maths That House Us - Josh
Babies and Math - Kris and Jessica
Math and Horses - Natasha and Beth
Math in Vermont - Ashley C.
Math and Road Trips - Shelby
Math and Hiking - Lauren
Scrapbooking and Math - Emma
Ice Hockey: A Game of Math - Caitlin
Math in Teaching - Rob
Moving Mathematically - Ashley P.
Mathematics in the Garden - Mike
The Middle Ages and Math - Evan
Bikes and Math - Julie

Archived Math eNotebooks 


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