Math Leadership day 

Math Leadership day at St. Michael's college on May 25 2012


School Based Math Leaders

Faith Johnson, Joan Lumbra and Haley Delibac- Franklin Northwest S.U.
Jean Sequeira - Lamoille North S.U.
,Lauralee Baral and Mary Fitzgerald- Franklin West S.U.
Deborah Ingalls - Eden School
Karyn Vogel - Burlington S.D.
 Andrea Farrar - Chittendedn Central S.U.
 Sue McEwing and Mary Calder- Franklin Central S.U.
, Sue Bachard - Grand Isle S.U.
 Caitlin Bianchi and  Kathy Schaw - Chittenden South S.U.
Karen Reinhardt - Chittenden East S.U.
 Nancy Goddette - Johnson Elementary School
Mary Abele-Austin - Waterbury/Duxbury S.D.

Julie Conrad - Vermont State DOE Math Specialist

T.J. Jemison - K - 8 Math Consultant

Tim Whiteford - SMC Education Department 

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Math Leadership

The Vermont Math Leadership Council is now the professional organization for math leaders in Vermont. For more information go to VMLC.


Suggested reading from Julie Conrad;
      The Impact of Elementary Math Coaches on Student Achievement -  Campbell, P.F. and    
      Malkus N.N. The Elementary School Journal Volume  III, Number 3, Univ. of Chicago, 2011 -

A series of workshops  by T.J. Jemison 
      The 5 Practices and Lesson Study Professional Development Series
      The 5 Practices Planner

Marilyn Burns Interview Assessments
       Math Reasoning Inventory  

 Informal Interactive Assessment Interviews developed by Tim Whiteford

      Interactive Assessment Interview (IAI) Guidelines
      Primary Numeracy Interactive Assessment Interview (IAI)
      Intermediate Numeracy Interactive Assessment Interview  (IAI)




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