Examples of Students with Special Needs Using iPAD2 Technology on YouTube

Andrew using Math Party (for the first time) on an iPAD2

Sandra writing numbers on her iPAD2

iPAD2 and Autism

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Math, Apps, and Special Education

EDSHELF - A great resource for information about Apps.

Constructing Meaning in Counting and Numeracy
Presentation by Dr. Tim Whiteford at the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, November 2011

Great Math Apps for your iPAD2

Recommended Free Math Apps

Recommended by Tim Whiteford
Math Party - a great one- or two-player game for simple number sequencing.
Writing Numbers - trace numbers 1 - 6
Touch The Numbers - number recognition 1 - 25
Rekenrek Number Rack - App for iPhone, iPad or web

Recommended by Meghan Donoghue
Calculator Pro - Standard/scientific calculator
Digital Abacus - A really cool abacus that counts up to 10 billion
Counting Board - Great Interactive 100s grid
Mont-Lingual 1 - 10 - An OK counting tool - just 1 - 10
Virtual Manipulatives -  Really great interactive tool for fractions, decimals and percents
Educreations - Draw, build lessons or look through the database - "Vi Hart-ish"
Show Me - A whiteboard for you iPAD2
Counting Bear - Counting objects
Matching Game: My First Numbers - Numerals, pictures; the triangle of meaning perhaps.

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