A fractal is formed when an action is  repeated on a smaller and smaller scale over and over again.

The Fractal Foundation - Everything fractal.
Vi Hart's Fractal Fractions - Amazing
NCTM Illuminations Fractal Tool - all your favorite fractals in one place

The Koch Curve activities -  a selection of activities with different levels of math involved.
A Koch Snowflake activity - demonstrates the Koch Snowflake.

Fractal Theme Page -  a collection of radical fractals
Cynthia Lanius' Fractals for elementary and middle school students. Getting started; what are they? how are they constructed?
Mind Boggling Fractals art and math; there's a software program available to make your own.
The Chaos Game: generating order out of chaos using fractal programs
Generating Fractals; There are many different ways to generate fractals.
Kitchen Science Fractals; experiments with fractals.

Fractal Paper; Use this paper to make a Sierpinski Triangle fractal.


 Last updated January 22, 2012