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Monday, June 25                Introductions and overview                                         
                                          Mathematical knowledge and understanding
Reading: Whiteford T.J.; Is Mathematics a Universal
                                          Language? Teaching Children Mathematics; NCTM, Reston,
                                          VA. January 2010 (print)

Tuesday, June 26               Math Manipulatives and Technology Resources
                                          Global Differences in Mathematics      
Reading: Linguistic Registers in the Mathematics Classroom;
                                          Whiteford, T.J.; (2008) (p54) New England Mathematics
                                          Journal, ATMNE, Keene, NH (print)

Wednesday, June 27          Linguistic Registers and the Language of mathematics
                                          Assessment and the Cultural math Interview (CMI)

Math Instruction for English language Learners.
                                                         English Language Learners in Math

Thursday, June 28th           Numeracy and Place Value
                                          Algorithms and Problem Solving 

The Connected Math Project
                                                        The Common Core Math Standards

Monday, July 2                  The Common Core Math Curriculum,
                                          the Bridges Math Program
and the WIDA standards

Tuesday, July 3                 Lesson Planning
                                         Sharing Interviews, reflections and lesson plan ideas

St. Michael's College Graduate Education Program

Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners

in the K 8 Classroom

GED 611 Summer 2012

 Time and location

June 25 28 and July 2 3, 10:00 12:05 Room 309, St. Edmunds 

General Statement

This course will explore theories, ideas and practices for teaching math to students who are English Language Learners at the pre-K 8 level in the context of the regular classroom. Students will investigate current literature on cultural, pedagogical and developmental issues related to how children from other countries and cultures learn mathematics in US classrooms.

This course is designed to explore, and model, how professional educators from different fields of interest can work together by sharing their knowledge and expertise to improve math instruction for students who, are English Language Learners.  

Course participants will explore the nature of the K 8 math curriculum and relevant teaching strategies with particular reference to; cognitive academic language proficiency, Sheltered Instruction practices, the WIDA standards, the pedagogical content knowledge in selected areas of the math curriculum, the role of language in teaching and learning mathematics, the role of non-verbal materials such as manipulatives and graphic organizers.

In particular students will explore global differences in mathematics such as:

         the use of different bases and mathematical procedures

         differences in mathematical thinking

         cultural differences in mathematics

         ways in which math education is affected by differing cultural norms

         the role of math in everyday life

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