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Summerhill School

- A.S. Neill

Summerhill video - Narrated by Zoe Readhead,
                                 A.S. Neill's daughter.

Summerhill School - the Home page

Books about Summerhill

 Established in 1921, A.S. Neill's Summerhill school is perhaps the most famous school in the world. So many have learned so much from its enduring philosophy and timeless practices.
  • When you teach, be true to  yourself
  • Help students define who they are
  • Learning is best when it is genuine
  •  Education should be natural
  • Learning takes place outside the classroom too
  • Learning involves choices
  • Learning involves physical movement
  • Help students find their passion
  • Rules are derived from the learning community not imposed by a few
  • Learning should be life-long

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