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Alternative Career Titles:

Recreation: Athletic Coach, Afterschool Program Counselor, Camp DirectorYouth Leader (Scouts, etc.), Outdoor Education,Recreation Department Director/Assistant.

Government; Department of Labor, Department of Education   

Childcare: Childcare Center Director/Assistant, Social Services Agency
Residential Child Care/ Foster Parent, Nanny/Childcare Provider

Juvenile Justice: Police Officer-Youth Service, Juvenile Detention Center Juvenile Court Judge, Court Child Advocate, Child/Adult Protective Services, DARE (or other program) Coordinator.

Education-Related: Museum Docent/Educator, Children and Youth Librarian, Library Science, Historic Site Docent.

Arts/Media/Entertainment: Private Studio Classes, Children’s Television/Radio, Children’s Book Author, Photographer, Children’s Theater.

Business: Children’s Stores – toy, clothing, books, Children’s Book Publishing, Corporate Training, Children’s Restaurant

School Administration: Principal, Superintendent, Curriculum Development, School Counselors, School Psychologists, Other Administrators.

Medical/Health: Pediatrician, Child Specialist – Nursing, PA, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Child Dentist/Dental Assistant, Child Psychologist/Psychiatrist, School Doctor or Nurse, Speech Language Pathologist.

Other: Tour Group Leader, Religious Instructor, Cruise Director.

What have SMC Education Majors Done? Alternatives to Classroom Teaching:

Human Resources Coordinator, Director of Volunteers (for a religious organization), Financial Group Manager, Librarian, Realtor, CT Program Supervisor (Building with Books, Inc.), Behavior Specialist, Owner (Homemade Ice Cream Company), Training Director (for a business),           Bank Vice President (State Street Bank), Speech and Language Pathologist, Literacy Coordinator (for a school district), Retirement Plan Specialist, Development Associate (public television in NYC), Sales Associate, Independent Sales Consultant, Press Box Staff (Boston Red Sox), Outreach Coordinator (human services), IT Trainer,Community Liaison, New England (Johnson & Johnson), Diabetes Educator, Loan Servicing Specialist, Transplant Social Worker, Clinic Coordinator (New England Medical Center), Youth Worker,Director of Admissions (for a private school)Day Care Director, Education Consultant (Hartford Financial Service Group)
Occupational Therapist, Port Director, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Florist,           Infection Control Safety Coordinator, Mental Health Social Worker,               Director of Theatre Arts Center, Attorney, Paralegal, Guidance Counselor,   Health Coach Educator, Massage Therapist, Marketing Coordinator, Foundation Associate (UMass), Victim Witness Advocate, Insurance Claims Coordinator, Actor

What Employers Want:  Candidate Skills and Qualities

Each year, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) asks employers to rate the importance of certain skills/qualities when hiring possible job candidates.  Each year, without fail, strong communication skills come out on top.  Here is a list of the top skills employers look for in their job applicants:

Communication skills (verbal) Strong work ethic.
Teamwork skills (works well with others)
Analytical skills
Problem-solving skills
Communication skills (written)
Interpersonal skills (relates well with others)
Computer skills
Technical skills
Organizational skills
Leadership skills
Friendly/outgoing personality
Strategic planning skills
Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker
Sense of humor

Information from:  NACE Research:  Job Outlook 2011

These are all skills  Education majors will have demonstrated during the Student Teaching part of their degree.

Sample Resumé

Sample resumés for applying for positions other than classroom teaching.  Ella Edukator is ready for a classroom.  Ella Etcetera has reformatted the same information to apply for a Museum position.       




Professional Educators
Other things to do with your Education degree

 Resources for Education Majors   

Please visit the Career Development web site for additional information. To work one-on-one with a Career Counselor, please visit the Career Development Office in the Klein Building or call us at 802.654.2547 to make an appointment.  Our services to you are free even after you graduate. 

What Do I Do If I Don’t Want To Teach In A Traditional Classroom?

           First, some Self Assessment Work:
           Make an appointment with a Career Counselor at 802.654.2547 to take the Myers Briggs
           Type  Indicator and FOCUS V2.
           By creating a user name and password, you can save all your work. 

            1.Go to Career Planning
Scroll down to the FOCUS 2 option and click on the link
Click on “if you need to create a new account”
Register as a new user with the access code smc05 (lower case, and zero-five at
          the end)

Create a new user name and password, and use your SMC email account to
You should be ready to go!  Please contact the Office of Career Development if
         you have difficulty accessing the system.

Saint Michael's College Education-Related Web Sites

World Teach - Internships/fellowships/volunteerism

Teach for America  - eliminate inequity
for teaching abroad
The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme
AmeriCorps programs

AmeriCorps State and National  This is the right program if you are eager to gain new skills or to apply the ones you already have, and are interested in helping others and making a difference in your community.
AmeriCorps VISTA  This program is the right choice for an organizer, a resource-builder, a self-starter who is:
 patient enough to work on a project that might not show results quickly interested in helping a low-income community establish a new program or enhance an existing one—and knowing it will continue long after you're gone ·  comfortable staying in one community for the entire year
AmeriCorps NCCC  The best choice for you if you are seeking hands-on work in one of the following areas: clearing trails, providing disaster relief, renovating housing, tutoring kids, other active assignments, interested in doing a variety of projects
  looking to relocate and travel during your service term, willing to live in a dorm, excited about living and working with a close-knit team.
City Year
  One year of service across the United States, as well as through international affiliates in Johannesburg, South Africa, and London, England

Peace Corps
Response 2011 -Hardcopy in the Career Library and also online at

 Advanced Degrees:

Find a Master’s or Ph.D. program to fit your needs:


Saint Michael's College Masters’ programs

Master’s in Education; Teacher Licensure; Certificate of Advanced Study; Endorsement for Licensed Teachers:

TESOL: Teach English to speakers of other languages  

Work while getting your Master’s degree:

PACT  Providence College
  Program, University of Notre Dame

University of Portland, OR’s PACE Pacific Alliance of Catholic Education


American Library Association: Careers in Librarianship and educational programs 

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