Name:_____________________________     Other Major:__________________

                                                          Other Advisor:_____________________

Praxis I (by end of sophomore year):________________

Praxis II (before student teaching): _________________                   


Liberal Studies Curriculum (LSC):



Modern Language Proficient    YES




First Year Seminar: __________________


RS 120/130/140:______________________ PH103:_________________________

2nd course Christian Traditions and Thought:__________________


Global Issues _____________________


Scientific Reasoning  ________________ 


Quantitative Reasoning __________________


Literary Studies: (could be ED 241)____________________

Historical Studies: __________________________


Social and Institutional Dimensions: (ED 251)__________________


Artistic Experience (1/2 course): ____________________________



ED 231 Schools & Society: __________________________________

ED 251 Child Development: _________________________________

ED 335 Literacy in the Elementary Classroom:___________________

ED 300 Teaching Soc. Studies & Arts: _________________________

ED 325 Teaching Elementary Math & Science:___________________

ED 339 Making Meaning:_______ญญญ_____________________________

ED 340 Inclusive Elementary Classrooms:_______________________

ED 427 Science Practicum (1/2 course): ________________________


Optional Electives: ED 241, ED 357


Student Teaching Semester: application due end of Jan. junior year  (complete before study abroad!)

ED429 Senior Seminar: Elementary Education (1 course)

ED 421 Elementary Student Teaching (3 courses)

Double Dips

(Courses that may fulfill a requirement in more than one area)


Fill in any course from Education or your other major that can fulfill a Liberal Studies Curriculum (LSC) requirement.



Elementary Education


Other Major

First Year Seminar




RS 120/130/140




2nd course: Christian Traditions and Thought



PH 103




Global Issues




Historical Studies




Literary Studies


(*ED 241)


Scientific Reasoning




Quantitative Reasoning




Social and Institutional Dimensions of Behavior

ED 251 (*ED 357)


Artistic Experience





*Education elective that can fulfill a LSC requirement.