Information about "Hours"
of practical experiences in grades K - 2 or 3 - 6
for licensure in Elementary Education.

 Vermont State teacher licensing regulations require all students planning to be licensed in Elementary Education to obtain 60 hours of practical experience at a grade level different from the one in which they student teach.  You will need 60 hours in either K – 2 or 3 - 6 in addition to your student teaching hours at the opposite level. Throughout their teacher education program at St. Michael's students are encouraged to gain experience in classrooms at several grade levels and in several different types of schools and locations. Students are encouraged to gain experiences with groups of diverse  learners. 

If you student teach in grades K – 2, then you will need 60 hours at the 3 - 6 grade level.
If you student teach in grades 3 – 6, then you will need
60 hours at the K – 2 grade level.

Sources of practical experiences


Courses  ("hours" and grade levels).

ED231 (20 hrs K - 5)
ED251 (2 hrs K - 5)
ED300 (8 + hrs K - 5
ED325 (20 + hrs K - 5)

ED335 ( 6 hrs K - 5)
ED339 (6 hrs 4 - 5 and 1 hr K - 3)
ED340 (8 hrs K - 2)
ED427 ( 40 + hrs (K - 5)
MA381 (25 hrs
K - 6)

+ additional "hours" are possible.

Study Abroad: ASE (105 hrs K - 5); other programs will vary.

Other SMC courses with assigned practical classroom experiences such as those in sociology may also provide students with "hours".
The inclusion of practical classroom experiences completed during high school years are not permitted. 


     GRADUATE Education courses:  "Hours" may be available in GED 516, GED 522, GED 613, GED 641, GED 643, or GED663.


     OTHER EXPERIENCES "Hours" at either the K - 2 or the 3 - 6 level can be gained through volunteering or working in a school, summer camp or similar situation, in Vermont or at home.  This may include  
     classroom volunteer work, tutoring in an educational setting, or academic after-school programs.  A documentation letter is required for hours not completed through SMC courses. The letter should be signed by
     the person supervising the experience e.g. school principal, teacher or program director.   

       If you decide you really want to student teach at the other level, it is not too late to get an additional 60 hours through an ED 423 practicum or other experiences as described above.

       Printable copy of the record keeping chart below


Name __________________________Record of "Hours" of practical experience.
Course/Experience Semester - Date Location K - 2  "hours"  3 - 6 "hours" 
 Preferred student teaching Grade Level:  K - 2 or  3 - 6  (circle one)          Total hours_______________                                                                                                                                                                  




The sample letter below can be copied and pasted onto school letterhead to document "hours" completed beyond SMC.




The Education Department

Saint Michael’s College

Box 281

One Winooski Park

Colchester, VT  05439


To whom it may concern


This letter confirms that ________________________ completed a practicum teaching experience
at _________________________ School between ________________ and _________________ (dates).


The experience totaled _______ contact hours at the K-2_____ or  3-6 _____ grade level.






(Signature of teacher or school principal)