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Sample Four-Year Plan

To make your own fabulous 4-year plan you will need; 2 manila folders, assorted colored Post-Its, a course catalog, the information from Advising Resources on the left, about 90 minutes of time 

Here' a video by Kristyn Galligan and Shannon Jefferson on how to put a Sticky Note Plan together.

Helpful Resources for
Constructing your Four-Year plan.

 Liberal Studies Curriculum

Undergraduate Class Schedule 

Suggested LSC courses for Elementary Education majors

TH115A - Public Presentations - 2 credits

ED241A - Lit for Children and Adolescents
- 4 credits - fulfills Literary Studies LSC


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                                Elementary Education

The Elementary Education Course Sequence chart shows when Education courses can be
The Advising Checklist identifies program and licensure requirements as does the Program Evaluation feature in Knightvision.

The VTDOE licensure endorsement in Elementary Education requires 60 hours of educational experience with children at either the K - 2 or 3 - 6 level. This experience must must be at the K - 2 level if you student teach at the 3 - 6 level and vice versa. The  Documentation of K - 2 or 3 - 6 Hours page shows where you can obtain "hours" and how to keep a record of them.
The VTDOE also requires all elementary education licensure candidates to have a second major in the liberal arts. Below is list of the 14 double majors offered at SMC with sample course sequences.

Elementary Education and American Studies 
Elementary Education and Anthropology
Elementary Education and Art
Elementary Education and English
Elementary Education and Environmental Studies
Elementary Education and French
Elementary Education and History
Elementary Education and Mathematics
Elementary Education and MJD
Elementary Education and Music
Elementary Education and Neuroscience
Elementary Education and Psychology
Elementary Education and Religious Studies
Elementary Education and Sociology
Elementary Education and Spanish
Elementary Education and Theater Arts

Elementary Education and Psychology (New - sample course sequence coming soon)

Secondary Education

The Secondary and Middle  Education Form can be used to identify course requirements, details,  and sequencing.     

Art Education

It is recommended that students pursue  licensure in Art Education  at the PK - 12 level.  Options for the K - 6 and 7 - 12 levels are available.

Art Education PK - 12

Last updated October 27, 2014