The Symposium is a day set aside by the College community for the presentation of student scholarship such as a thesis, research project, or performance.  Typically oral presentations and performances are held in the morning and afternoon with a poster session in between. 

How will the presentations benefit the learning experience for our students?
The dissemination of the knowledge obtained from our students’ projects serve to:


  • Reinforce what the students learned through their academic experience
  • Provide an opportunity for students to reflect upon the experience and process
  • Provide an opportunity for students to evaluate their own project, in terms of both its conceptual and its pragmatic contributions 
  • Facilitate project presentations at professional conferences and bolster their job and/or graduate applications
  • Instill a motivation for scholarship amongst first and second-year students
  • Further the development of a culture of inquiry at Saint Michael’s College
  • Give students the opportunity to hone their written and oral-presentation skills


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