Activities before the project begin:

a) Organization of an essay: intro,  conclusion, main body, paragraphs. 

b) Advancing an argument.

• Show students how to work better by using graphs, projector, transparency sheets, posters and prepare multimedia presentations (PowerPoint).


Documents on the Web that cover specific skills needed for this lesson:


1. Content – Film Genres and Classification of Films:



2. Vocabulary:

Useful adjectives for describing movies

Movie vocabulary 1

Movie vocabulary 2

3. Essay Structure – Informative/Argumentative Writing:

Expressions for Argumentative Writing  

Organizing your Argument

Organizing A Research Project

4. Multimedia Presentation – Practicing with PowerPoint:


PowerPoint tutorial

Design effective PowerPoint Presentations

Oral Presentation Techniques

Preparing and Delivering a Presentation


Students’ skills before completing the project:


• Each student has his/her own email account and exchange email addresses of the group members.

• Familiarity with Word and PowerPoint.

• The peer review process.

• Effective group work.


The students by interacting with this Movie Quest will have to:


    • Use resources.

• Select, organize, paraphrase and present information.

• Explain issues and convince the audience of their point of view.

• Look at both sides of the issue and argue persuasively.

• See things from other perspectives.

• Think critically.

• Prepare multimedia presentation.

• Use both verbal (speaking) and non-verbal language (eye-contact, body language) to communicate with others.

• Co-operate with group members and communicate looking at pictures, videos and movies.