By the end of this Movie Quest, students will be able to:

Content objectives

  • Demonstrate their knowledge of a movie genre in a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Classify movie genres as comedy, documentary, drama, etc. by finding related information on the Internet.

Computer literacy objectives

  • Demonstrate their ability to use Internet Explorer by locating required information on the Internet.

  • Demonstrate their understanding of PowerPoint by performing a PowerPoint presentation which contains appropriate text, graphics, and content.

  • Project their PowerPoint on a projector screen.

Language objectives

  • Demonstrate their skimming and scanning skills by finding needed information on the Internet.

  • Demonstrate their writing skills by making a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Demonstrate their academic speaking skills by discussing with group members as well as performing a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Understand and use the vocabulary which describes characteristics of movie genres as well as basic movie vocabulary.

  • Improve their listening skills by watching trailers or other video samples as well as listening to peer presentations.

  • State opinions and use argumentative expressions in a PowerPoint presentation.

Cultural/social objectives

  • Work collaboratively in a small group to complete assigned tasks.

  • Develop  their social skills by discussing with group members and producing a PowerPoint presentation.

Academic objectives

  • Improve their research skills by completing required tasks.

  • Compare and contrast a variety of information when researching a movie genre.

  • Demonstrate their oral skills by producing a PowerPoint presentation.