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Research Orientation
for BU331

Professor: Joanne Scott





Wall Street - 1881, Accunet database


Business Databases
  • Business Source Premier
    Full text for nearly 3,300 scholarly business journals, including full text for more than 1000 peer-reviewed business publications.
    ALSO - SWOT analysis of companies
Example Titles
Business Week
The Economist; 

Forbes; New York .
Finance & Development
Business Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Harvard Business Review; Boston
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking; Columbus
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine
Nation's Business; Washington
Survey of Current Business; Washington
Economic Indicators; Washington
Economic Development Quarterly; Thousand Oaks
Contemporary Economic Policy; Huntington Beach
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity; Washington
The American Economic Review; Nashville
Journal of Economic Issues; Lincoln
Far Eastern Economic Review; Hong Kong


Value Line Investment Survey 
    Standard Edition
    Standard Edition Plus
    Small & Mid-Cap Edition - total 3500 stocks covered in VL

Value Line - Standard Edition (1700  Large Cap Stocks- Over 400 million in Market Capitalization)

- For an explanation of Value Line's selection policy, click here.

- 6 simultaneous users at a time - Logoff when done to let other students use it

*You may print out reports using adobe acrobat. 
A quick overiew of the VL reports page

An in-depth overview of the VL reports

1 Company Report
2 Timeliness of Company
3.Timeliness of Industry
4. Beta
5. Industry Analysis

Portfolio Help
1.  Model Portfolios - Get MODEL PORTFOLIOS - look for the link in the left-hand column of the Value Line page
 Summary & Index to create a diverse portfolio. Choose stocks rated highly for : sales growth, cash flow, earnings, dividends, book sale, highest growth etc.
3.  Stock Screening software

Value Line - Small & Mid-Cap Edition (1800 Small and Midcap Stocks)

• Small and Mid-Cap Edition Model Portfolio, consisting of 1800 stocks primarily suited for more aggressive investors

• Conservative Stocks

• Highest Dividend Yielding Stocks

• Biggest “free flow” Cash Generators

• Widest discounts from Book Value

• Best/Worst Performing Stocks in the Past 13 Weeks

• Stocks Ranked 1, 2, and 5 for Performance

• 25 Largest and Smallest Market-Cap stocks in current issue Library Edition 

 Quick Guide

- 3 simultaneous users at a time - Logoff when done to let other students use it

Screeners - Gives you stocks restricted to the investment specifics you set - 2 minute tutorial

Portfolio X-Ray  --- Analyzes your portfolio to see if investments fit together, is well balanced and how heavily weighted in a particular stock
                                  2 minute tutorial

X-Ray Results - you can compare results of your portfolio vs S&P 500 OR a category YOU decide for your portfolio

Yahoo Finance (Free)

Yahoo Finance @

Information for Yahoo Finance provided by Capital IQ

Get: Company Profile, Key Statistics, Analyst Estimates, Analysis Opinion, Competitors

Click to Enlarge

Online Portfolios / Charts Indexes  - Free Internet

AAII Review of Portfolio Tracking

Use MorningStar or Yahoo to set up your Stock Portfolios.

Yahoo Finance - free
A very thorough site.  You may set up a portfolio account that lets you track your stocks.  Can log on to track your stocks

Steve's Investment Portfolio (Yahoo)

When creating portfolio - choose "Track Your Current Holdings"

Morningstar Website - FREE.

Set up Portfolio - Allows you to chart your portfolios performance

MY PERFORMANCE - Track Your Portfolio against S&P 500, AND a range of small to large cap criteria


Portfolio X-Ray - (You must use the Library's Morningstar Library Edition, see above).  You will have to reenter your portfolio assets in the library's MorningStar edition and it can't be saved.