One should not adopt a magisterial stance in presuming to name the "best" translations...For help in understanding an ancient literature in its languages, NAB (as revised) is clearly the best. Its translation is as dependable as the better modern ones. Unlike most others (NJB is an exception, but not its "study edition") it provides enlightening footnotes, splendid introductions to each book, and cross references within books and across Testaments. Often the notes are superior to those in publishers’ study editions with commentary. NAB is especially valuable for the Bible study groups that are happily proliferating throughout the U.S. and Canada. Too often the first reflection offered is on "What this passage means to me." The initial inquiry, of course, should be what it meant to the inspired authors and editors, most of them anonymous, who gave it to the church in the first place. Once explored, it often renders the second question needless.

Gerard S. Sloyan, "Some Thoughts on Bible Translations" in Worship, May 2001, pp.228-249. This quote from page 229.