Basic List. The emphasis is on "basic."  This listing does not attempt to be comprehensive but linking may lead you to such sites, e.g., Torrey Seland's Resource Page for Biblical Studies, K. C. Hanson's page, the New Testament Gateway by Dr. Mark Goodacre, the site from St. John's University, the site by Felix Just S. J., and others (top of the list below). From the dozens and hundreds of sites available, this list tries to make a few selected choices which should meet most general purposes. This list focuses  mostly on the New Testament though there is a section on the Old Testament and a good deal of material on the entire Bible can be found through links and in the general sites just mentioned.

Spirituality. There is a section on spirituality in connection with the Bible (Bible reading, Prayer, Meditation, and a large section on Homilies. See the left pane

Scholarly and Technical Sites. A briefer list of Scholarly sites is given a separate section. Links in the more general sites can also lead you to these sites.


You may find repetitions of the same site or source in this list. That is because the source may be cited for its general content and again a second time for a particular sub-category or the focus it contains. You will also find overlap between the different sites since several of them repeat some of the same sources.

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