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Felix Just, S.J., site on the Passion
The focus here is on the New Testament

Mark Goodacre 
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M. Goodacre
The Passion, Pornography and Polemic: In Defense of the Passion of the Christ

 BBC Production on the Passion for March 2008

Roman crucifixion methods reveal the history of crucifixion

Biblical Archaeology Society Staff     07/17/2011

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?,16641,1101040412,00.html
Time Magazine, April 12, 2004

Crucifixion in Antiquity
Joe Zia

Jesus Back on TV

Bible Films Blog

BBC Production on the Passion for March 2008

Shroud of Turin
St. Anthony Messenger

 Archaeological tablet: a suffering and risen Messiah?    
New York Times

Tina Beattie,  article, "Figure in shadow" about BBC1 drama series The Passion," in the Tablet March 22, 2008

Death of Jesus in Mark versus John
Felix Just SJ



Shroud History   
Shroud history dates from 1349-2008

Crucifixion and Shroud Studies
Dr. Frederick Zugibe

Wikipedia, with many links

 Thinking about Resurrection
Gerard Hughes S.J.

Jesus' Resurrection and Christian Origins 
N. T. Wright