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JESUS OF NAZARETH AS SEEN BY JEWISH WRITERS OF THE XX CENTURY Symposium: The Roots of Anti-Judaism in the Christian Environment. Joseph Sievers.    


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Historical Jesus Archives
About a number of questions people ask: where was he born etc.E

Review by Richard B. Hays of  The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus. Edited by Robert W. Funk, Roy W. Hoover, and The Jesus Seminar. Macmillan.

Jesus Seminar and the Five Gospels

N. T./ Wright

Historical Truth of the Gospels , The
Pontifical Biblical Commission 1964

Analysis of Instruction on the Historical Truth of the Gospels

Joseph A. Fitzmyer SJ

Can we Trust the Gospels?

N. T.Wright

Article and links on "Messiah" 

Historical Jesus 
Mark Goodacre. General Resources Course Materials Discussions
Books, Articles & Reviews

XTalk: The Historical Jesus and Early Christian Origins 
Homepage of the Moderated Internet Discussion Group for the Academic Study of
the Historical Jesus and the Rise of Christianity

Christ of Faith and History

Collection of links to this subject

Historical Jesus Theories

By Peter Kirby. Various authors are listed according to categories, some (e.g., Meier, Crossan, Wright) with multiple links. Also, some have short summaries. An extensive and very useful list.

"Things That Matter": Historical Jesus Studies in the New Millennium  
Mark Allen Powell, Society of Biblical Literaatue

Archaeology and the Historical Jesus
Craig Evans. Society of Biblical Literature

Historical Jesus Archives
Jesus/Historical Jesus
From The Bible and Interpretation

Jesus and the Gospels --- What Really Happened?
Exchange between Larry Hurtado, Alan Segal and John S. Kloggpenborg

The Mamzer Jesus and His Birth
Bruce Chilton

Assessing Progress in the Third Quest of the Historical Jesus  
Craig A. Evans

Historical Jesus: N.T. Gateway
Mark Goodacre

Mighty Deeds of Jesus
Marcus Borg. Views Nature Miracles as symbolic and as parables about Jesus.

The Jesus Dynasty
James Tabor

Jesus'  Family Tree
Jesus and His World by John J Rousseau and Rami Arav, Fortress 1995

Jesus Seminar and the Five Gospels

N. T./ Wright

How a Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong 
Bill McKibben

Meier's Unpapal Conclave: An Experiment (I)

Testimonium Flavianum
Flavius Josephus and testimony about Jesus Christ.

How Did Jesus Become a God?
Larry Hurtado
How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God? Historical Questions about Earliest Devotion to Jesus

Uniqueness of Jesus
E. P. Sanders

Vermes (Geza) review of Ratzinger Jesus book


Non Christian sources for Jesus

The Historical Jesus and Christian Theology
N. T. Wright

The Real Historical Jesus
Craig Keener

Jesus of History - Luke T.Johnson vs B. B. Scott and  Adela Y.Collins  America 2010
Scott and Collins


Mark Goodacre. Did Jews in Jesus' day expect a Messiah

Messianic Hopes and Messianic Figures in Late Antiquity
Craig A. Evans

Messiah: Collection of article



Bible Films
Matt Page

Jesus in the movies

See The Bible Today, "Biblical Faith and Film," January-February 2008 issue.
Lloyd Baugh, S.J., Imaging the Divine: Jesus and Christ Figures in Film, Kansas Ctiy: Sheed & Ward, 1998.


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