Jan, 2000

These are books selected from the holdings on Christology at St. Michael’s College. Except for minor changes, the list shows up as it appears on the library Subject Search screen. Sometimes, the reference is not complete because of screen limitations but enough is there to trace the book (see below). A few books have not been included. On the other hand, the Search does not capture all the books the library has. No single Search will do this, I am told. If I noticed this, occasionally I included a title that came to mind with the note ("added"), e.g., Theissen-Merz, Dale Allison etc. With these limitations, this list may be useful as a starting point and also to people at the college or in the area who are using these library resources. It can be supplemented with others sources (below).

Catalogue citations:

Supplementary sources:


(*) The asterisk behind a title indicates some basic books on Christology. 


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