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  1. Site Description

Site Title: Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab


System Requirement: Windows 95, NT, Windows 3.1, SCO Unixware 7. If you want to listen audio program, you must have minimum CPU: 486/66DX and 14.4 modem 8MB of RAM and 2MB of Hard Disk Space. If you want to watch Video & Animation, you must have minimum CPU: Pentium and 28.8 modem, 16MB of Ram and 2MB of Hard Disk Space. Moreover, you need 256-color video card or greater for video algorithms. Both audio and Video need 16-bit of sound card with a Windows driver, and SLIP or PPP connection to an Internet Service Provider, or an Ethernet or LAN connection. To use the Windows 95 (32-bit) Real Player, use a 32-bit winsock such as the winsock that comes with Windows 95.

Author: Randall S. Davis is currently working at Nagoya University in the Intercultural Studies department. His area of interest and specialty include CALL, video technology and language teaching, teacher training, and language autonomy.

Subject Area: Listening

Target Audience: Listening Activities in this website can be applicable for the youth or older since the topic is daily life in the USA. Moreover, these activities are very helpful for both ESL and EFL students.

2. Summary: Main page has variety of listening activities from sentence level to long conversations. The author made Real Audio programs as well as Real Video programs, which may motivate students to listen to. The topics are also varied to choose which can be taught by themes. In addition, ESL Cyber Listening Lab page has many sites to support the listening activities such as download page and help topics. These careful considerations to audiences are delightful. This program can be useful for self-study and a classroom setting.

  1. Content: The educational objective of the site is to provide ESL/EFL students with opportunities to practice and improve their listening comprehension skills. In addition, each student uses an individual computer (which includes a headphone and control of the exercises: stop/replay); therefore, students can work at their own pace. It provides students with a low-anxiety environment.
  1. Site Evaluation

This is very useful site for improving listening skills. The goal of the site is to practice and improve students’ listening comprehension skills. There is a wide selection of the exercises. This website is not only for beginners but also intermediate or low advanced students can use these quizzes, too. In the multi-level classroom setting, this site is the perfect activities for individual work in a classroom.

Other Advantages


Overall Usefulness

If user have all equipment for using this page, this site is very effective for students to practice and improve their listening skills. It can be used in class and outside of the class as self-study. This page has a lot of ways to use effectively in ESL/EFL settings.

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