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Born Into Coal

Did You Know 3.0?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Social Media Revolution?

A Vision of Students Today



Toilet Gaming

Apple's Siri Anti-Abortion?

Syria Bans SmartPhone Footage

Wireless Contact Lenses

Bionic Eye for Doc Filmmaker

Twitter: A Global Force at Age 5

Generation M2- Media in the Lives of 8-18 year olds (Kaiser Study/Report)

Smart Jeans

$35 Tablet Computer

Steve Jobs Retrospective

Videobloggers make milliions

Charlie Sheen & 2/12 men viewership

Camera Head Implant (CNN)

Growing up Digital (NYTimes)

Too Much Screen Time Harmful (MSNBC)

Broadband Internet in a Backpack

Smart Goggles-Translation

Danish Kids tap "the Feed" for exams


Critique Questions

Possessed (Psychology, Murphy)

Senegal Africa, Through My Eyes (Travel, DeLorenzo)

Mongol Rally (Travel, McMahon)

One Day on Earth (Diversity, Linehan)

Zeitgeist (Economic, Kenney)

Augmented (hyper)Reality (Economic, Hughes)

Changing Education Paradigms (Education, Hyde)

Man Made (Human Trafficking, Wood)

Above the Noise (Domestic Violence, Abbott)

Waking Up (Environment, Girardi)

Experience Zero Gravity (Environment, Coughlin)

Last Minutes with ODEN (McCarty)

Zero (Pellerin)

Pixels by Patrick Jean (Deuell)

Sand Painting (Hyde)

Her Morning Elegance (Hyde)


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