The Course

This is the capstone experience for the Global Studies Program at SMC.  The course is designed as a senior-level readings and research seminar where you will have the opportunity to synthesize and build upon your international research, travel, and cross-cultural experiences.   At its heart, this course is both an intensely interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavor.  The focus will be on our shared effort to apply the different disciplinary perspectives each one of us comes to this class with— anthropology, sociology, economics, philosophy, media studies, art, science, education, linguistics, political science, etc.— in order to critically examine and better understand the strands of globalization and this thing we call “global culture.”  As part of this effort, each of you will be presenting the problems and findings of your research to the class, and possibly, to the wider SMC community.

Course Format
The seminar is divided into two major parts.  During the first part of the course we will be reading, screening, and deconstructing the arguments of a variety of prominent researchers and writers who have tackled some significant issues in the field of global studies. Our aim will be to critically assess both the merits and limitations of each author’s research methods and findings in an effort to improve our own work.  During the second part of the course, you will have the opportunity to research and write about significant issues related to global studies which you are passionate about.
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