The Course: Adventure & Environmental Filmmaking (MJD-219) T/TH 3:00-4:35 + Film Labs + WP Outing Trips
Professor: Jon Hyde

Adventure Filmmaking is an introduction to the art of filmmaking about the outdoors and the environment.  The course is unique collaboration between the Department of MEDIA STUDIES, Journalism &Digital Arts and The Wilderness Program @ SMC.  It is a great opportunity for students to examine a wide range of important issues related to the environment and the outdoors through active engagement in wilderness pursuits and the medium of digital filmmaking.  The aim of the course is two-fold:

Criticism Throughout the semester, we will be reading about, screening, and critiquing films which have been made in-and-about the outdoors.  This will include works which document important environmental issues, those which chronicle significant human achievements in exploration/adventure, and those emphasizing the beauty and preservation of natural environments.

Production Field & Studio Work This course is an introduction to the specific—and sometimes extreme—technical, logistical, and conceptual requirements associated with filmmaking in the outdoors.  The course will combine both filmmaking and outdoor skills.   Students will learn by doing.  They will be engaged in ALL aspects of planning, field forecasting, risk assessment, and technical workshops along side film story development, scripting, editing, post-production, and media distribution. 

 Ice Climbing   

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