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Everybody Street

Say Cheese



Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Experience Zero Gravity

Last Minutes with ODEN

Her Morning Elegance

Born Into Coal



Small Business Authority - Starting a Business Resources (Gov)

Creating Your Own Media Business (Rosenblum)

Sample Business Plans

BH Photo-Video NYC

Boone-Oakley Advertising

7th Generation WEB

Her Campus


Portfolio Design Examples

Ami Vitale

Chris Owyoung

Dan Austin 88-Bikes

Anson Fogel -ForgeMotionPictures

Jay Goodrich


D.Logan (Engaging Hooks) Sept 10

L. Ritter/B. McQueen (Sign-on/Credits/Audio) Sept 17

O. Hamilton/D.Prescott (Charismatic Characters) Sept 24

C. Magyar/D. Piette (Dialogue/Interaction) Oct 1

A. Kochien/N. Gifford (Conflict/Development) Oct 29

G. Barney/G. Lemnah (Editing/Montage) Nov 5

C. Englehart/M. Molchan (Climactic Scene Construction) Nov 19