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Quick Facts


Total Worldwide Speakers: 16,351,052


Language Family: Indo-European


Spoken in:
Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, United States



Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are closely related, mutually intelligible Southern Slavonic languages formerly known collectively as Serbo-Croat. The division between Croats and Serbs originates in the 11th century, when both groups converted to Christianity. The Serbs aligned themselves with Constantinople and the Eastern Orthodox church and adopted the Cyrillic alphabet though also use the Latin alphabet, while the Croats favoured the Roman Catholic church and the Glagolitic alphabet. The Latin alphabet was gradually adopted by the Croats.
Today, Croatian is written with the Latin alphabet, Serbian is written mainly with the Cyrillic alphabet, though the Latin alphabet is sometimes used, and Bosnian uses both alphabets.



Sources: The Ethnologue & Omniglot

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