General Resources and Other Languages

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The general resources listed on this page are not associated with any specific language. You'll find a number of tools available for brushing up your language skills or learning a new language.


A Journey in the History of Water

Audio Tracks Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portugese, Norwegian, Spanish
Subtitles N/A
Running Time 180 min
Rating Not Rated


Audio Tracks Tsotsi-Taal
Subtitles English, Spanish
Running Time 94 min
Rating R


Mavis Beacon

The LLRC offers Mavis Beacon typiing software for use on lab computers. Mavis Beacon is one of the best selling typing programs and helps you to type faster and more accurately through a variety of fun activities.

Web-Based Resources


Audacity is a free audio editing program available for download on personal computers. The LLRC also utilizes Audacity on computers here in the lab. The program allows you to record, edit, and save audio files as MP3s that can be used in a variety of other programs.

For help with Audacity, please see the Getting Started with Audacity guide.


101 Tools to Learn Language for Free

Index of free online courses, translators, electronic language communities, podcasts, textbooks, and other tools that are free of charge.

20Q.net, Inc.

This free web tool allows you to choose from 22 different languages so you can try and stump the computer by thinking of something within certain categories that the computer tries to guess. Practice one of the 22 languages in all of the different categories!

Careers in Languages

Variety of information on eleven careers that rely on foreign language skills and can be practiced around the world. From the Language Resource Center at Wake Forest University.

Credo Reference — Online Dictionaries

Through the St. Michael's college library, all faculty, staff and students have access to a variety of dictionaries in a number of languages. You will need a MikeNet account to access this resource.

Global Road Warrior

Use this database to get acclimated to a country's business culture and etiquette (greetings & courtesies, ethics, meetings, attire), society and culture (gift giving, food, media, time & punctuality) and travel tips (money & banking, transportation, and more) for 175 countries.

Learn a Language

Free basic language learning resources for eight world languages.

Transitions Abroad

Comprehensive, free resource that covers topics in living, studying, and working abroad, including short-term work, long-term work, internships, and language instruction opportunities for speakers of English.

US Department of State Careers

Information on foreign service careers relying on or benefiting from proficiency in multiple languages. Resources and opportunities for individuals at a variety of proficiency levels.

US Diplomacy

A detailed overview of life and advancement in government foreign service careers. From the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.


Verbling is the instant way to practice and learn a language. Instantly connect with native speakers from around the globe and have a conversation with them!