American College Tour
Process-step 7-9

Step 7

You will write a summary of the college that you visited on-line and send it to your teacher via e-mail. After receiving feedback on your draft from the teacher, you will revise it and submit a final draft.


Step 8

You will do preposition exercises narrating student life at a college.
You will receive feedback on your summary writing from the teacher. Based on the papers, your group will create PowerPoint slides.

Click here for preposition exercises.
Preposition Exercise

Your PowerPoint slides will be:
Page 1:
Cover page
Page 2:
Location of the college (city/ rural area)
Page 3:
School life (dormitories, facilities, events, club activities)  + photos, virtual tour web site link
Page 4:
Academic information (curriculum)

Step 9

Your group will make a PowerPoint presentation. You already learned how to make a PowerPoint presentation from PowerPoint 2002 Tutorial and the model of oral presentation by your teacher.  

Good oral presentation includes good delivery: appropriate pitch, effective pause, and clear voice, using the vocabulary you learned through the tasks.
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