American College Tour
Process-step 4-6
Step 4

You will research the three colleges with the following web sites. You will again examine the same part assigned in Step 1. Consider the following guiding questions for each college.

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Guiding Questions

Step 5

You will take a quiz about The Structure of an American Essay. You will collect the data assigned in the previous step and write an essay about the collected data in comparison/contrast style. You will then send your essay to your teacher via e-mail. After receiving feedback from your teacher, you will revise your essay and submit the final draft to your group members and teacher via e-mail.

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The Structure of an American Essay
Step 6

You will discuss the best college, looking at the essays exchanged in your group. You will also receive the feedback on your final draft from your teacher. After the group discussion, you will pick out the best college for your group. Then, visit the web site of the college chosen by your group and do the virtual tour. You will gather the college information with group members.

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Campus Tours
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