American College Tour
  Step 1

Your group members are:

Location Information Collector

College Life Information Collector

Major Information Collector

First, decide your role. All roles and websites are prepared on worksheets to carry out each task. Next, discuss the guiding questions on three given worksheets with your group members. Then, you will gather your assigned information based on the results of the group discussion. You will learn about American geographic information, types of colleges, and types of department of colleges. Click your role above and print out.
   Step 2

Gather and share your information with your group members and discuss and decide the best place, college type, and department for your study in the U.S.
    Step 3

Now, visit the following web sites and use college guidebooks. Choose three colleges based on your preferences: the best place, the best college type, and the best major. You can use one computer for your group.

College guide books:

America's Best Colleges 2003
by U. S. News & World Report

Four Year Colleges 2003
by Petersons Publishing

The College Board Index of Majors & Graduate Degrees 2003: All-New Twenty-fifth Edition
by The College Board

Web sites:

Study in the U.S.A. "find a program"
by location type "America’s Best Colleges 2003"
by college type

Peterson’s "Colleges & Universities"
by location and major

The Princeton Review "Find a Major"
by major     
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